Media release: Autumn/ winter 2010 UNIQLO Ultra-Light Down collection

UNIQLO’s new Ultra Light Down collection is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy during the transitional season.

Designed to meet the demands for clothing that is adaptable to sudden changes in temperature, Ultra Light Down outerwear is lighter than ever before.

Made with super strong Nylon and 90 per cent premium down, meaning they are a feather-light 206 grams (the same as a summer blouse), these garments can be packed away in the carry case provided for easy travel.

Says a spokesperson: “Ultra Light Down debuted last year in 2009, but thanks to UNIQLO’s strict product development process, the technology has undergone further development with Toray Industries to reduce the weight from 270 grams to 206 grams.

“Ordinary down jackets are comprised of a two-layer structure where the down is packed into an outer fabric shell, where the down is stitched in.

“UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down has been subjected to heat and pressure to mesh the threads of the Nylon outer layer so the down can’t escape. This process eliminates the need to tightly pack the down, resulting in a reduction in weight. The UNIQLO Ultra Light Down collection is priced from £59.99 to £79.99 and is available for men and women in all UNIQLO UK stores and online at now.”


UNIQLO isn’t just a clothing brand, they work together with Toray Industries to produce innovative men’s and women’s clothing in order to keep you warm throughout the cold, winter months and cool throughout the warmer summers.

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Contact: Liz Roscoe