Media Release: New priorities for victims of crime in Europe



WELCOMING The EU Directive, David McKenna, chief executive of Victim Support Scotland (VSS) and current president of Victim Support Europe, said that VSS welcomed the new EU Directive on victims of crime.

He said: “As a member of Victim Support Europe, VSS had been active in spreading information regarding the Directive and had lobbied all European Commissioners and other EU institutions to support the legislative development in the belief that the Directive will strengthen the rights of victims of crime and enhance the role of the victim in criminal proceedings throughout Europe.”

He added: “Victimisation impacts on every EU Member State.

“In addition to the emotional pain and suffering of the victim, victimisation gives rise to huge costs for the individual victim and for Europe as a whole.

“Giving victims access to victim services and support in the aftermath of crime will help their recovery and limit the impact of crime.

“The Directive will ensure that victims’ rights and needs are addressed in an equal manner across the EU, which cannot be guaranteed by Member States’ action in isolation.

“Adopting EU legislation that sets out equal rights for victims in all Member States helps to improve the situation for victims, increase the trust between countries and facilitates the mutual recognition of judgments and judicial decisions in the wider area of justice.

“A Directive, including practical measures, will also assist Member States to limit the costs for implementing victims’ rights; for instance, in relation to the development of training programmes and dissemination of information which can be shared effectively across the EU.”

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