Media Release: Nevis brews up a fine package of teas for Pekoe

NEVIS Design Consultants have designed a new identity and a range of tea packaging for PekoeTea.

PekoeTea was established in 2008, and is the new name for Chai Teahouse that was set up in 2005 by Jonathan and Lynn Cooper.

In 2007, they decided to close the teahouses in Edinburgh’s Merchant Street and West Richmond Street and focus on getting their range of fine teas into premium outlets such as hotels, delicatessens, upmarket cafes and independent retailers.Jonathan first became interested in tea whilst studying at Glasgow University.

It was there that he became a regular customer at the teahouses close to the university and where he first has the idea to start a tea business in his home city, Edinburgh.

Says a spokesperson: “One thing that Jonathan had discovered about the Glasgow teahouses and many other tea shops and suppliers was that the teas were bought from UK wholesalers and there was no guarantee as to the age or quality of the teas.

“This inspired him to find suppliers at source and import the teas directly so that the teas could be bought fresh and prices kept low.

“PekoeTea now supplies the Tchaiovna teahouses in Glasgow and Eighty Queen Street in Edinburgh and has built a thriving mailorder and wholesale business with an expanding stock of teas and tea paraphernalia.”

David Huckell, design director, commented: “The idea of taking the customer on a journey of discovery, was explored with copywriter Will Atkinson and ourselves. Once the tone had been set we chose to sign off the copy lines with conceptual pen and ink illustrations by London-based illustrator, Kathy Wyatt, to highlight the provenance of each tea.

“We are confident that this look will give the brand cut through in a very competitive market place.”

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