Media Release: Nevis adds another string to their bow

NEVIS Design Consultants, working in collaboration with noted photographer, Shannon Tofts, has produced the second edition brochure for Violin Makers Scotland (VMS).

VMS is a group of eight makers of violins, violas and cellos and their devotion to traditional ideals has developed over many years, beginning with formal training at the finest European violin making schools.

Their work is firmly rooted in the present, making full use of the current knowledge and traditional techniques at their disposal, producing instruments that will embody the qualities that they value most, qualities associated with the finest work of the past: warmth, evenness, power, projection and individuality.

David Huckell, design director of Nevis, created the identity and brochure. The identity uses the elements from the violin’s f-holes along with the letter V to also create the letter M around it. The brochure uses striking photography from Shannon Tofts to show the quality of the finished product and the artisan’s tools used in their production.

The range of instruments is available from Stringers of Edinburgh and Stringers in London.

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