Media Release: A taster of burger and fries gets people into business

A TASTER of burger and fries gets people into business

Burger and fries will be the order of the day at Queen Margaret University College’s Open Days.

Retail, marketing, consumer, hospitality, tourism and events experts will be offering a free lunch to visitors to encourage them into a business debate.

The taster session called ‘A burger and fries, please!’ will be run by the School of Business and Enterprise.

Roberto Daniele, lecturer in hospitality and tourism at Queen Margaret University College, said: “Our visitors can tuck into a McDonald’s and fries or, of course, select the salad option, while we carry out our debate.

“The taster session will look at many of the issues and debates around the provision of food in order to illustrate the relevance of various courses offered by Queen Margaret’s School of Business and Enterprise.

“It will discuss the business issues, the marketing campaigns; the retailing of products and services; the growth of the hospitality, tourism and events sectors; and the role of the consumer.”

Robert Daniele added: “The debate should be an extremely entertaining and highly informative series of presentations which visitors can also get involved in.”

Aside from the business courses, Queen Margaret’s Open Days, which will be held on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28th September, also offer taster sessions in a wide range of specialist areas from audiology to acting.

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