Media Release: It’s Chico Time

COMMENTS HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo: “There’s been a growing feeling that Chico was leaving it a bit late to release a single following his X Factor success, especially as Chantelle and Celebrity Big
Brother have rather stolen the limelight in recent months.

However, this first-day sales performance shows that there’s still a lot of interest in his rather engaging brand of entertainment.

“His challenge now is to show that he’s more than just a one-trick novelty act and
that he has the talent and personality to fashion a successful pop career.”

Bookies Willam Hill are offering 4/1 that Chico will have two Number 1 singles in
2006. But are less confident in Chico having the longevity to still be popular
enough to top the charts in 2007 and offer 8/1 that he does so.

Hills spokesman Rupert Adams adds: “We closed the book on Chico having a No.1 back in December as we felt he was a certainty and it looks like we will be proved right. But in our view his days are numbered and think it is unlikely that he will get a Number 1 in 2007. For those
looking for a bet with big odds, how about 50/1 for Chico to have the Christmas
number 1?”

William Hill Odds:

8/1 Chico To have a number 1 in 2007

4/1 Chico To have a second number 1 in 2006

50/1 Christmas Number 1

In the album charts, Corinne Bailey Rae already looks set to fulfil predictions made
a few months back that she would be one of the artists to break through in a major
way in 2006, and is on course to score a no.1 with her self-titled debut release.

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