Media Release: UK pride at stake as ‘Poms’ challenge the Aussie Rat Pack

TEAM Aberdeen Asset Management, winners of the 2008 Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, are flown to the inaugural Australian Rat Race in Melbourne

The Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, the urban adventure phenomenon, which started in Edinburgh in 2004 officially goes global this weekend when the inaugural Australian event is staged in Melbourne on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2008.

The competition will be fierce, not least of which will be the battle of pride, when Team Aberdeen Asset Management, overall Champions of the 2008 [UK] Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, are flown to Melbourne to take on the Aussies.

Bruce Duncan, Iona Robertson and Nick Gracie will line up on the starting grid alongside some of the best urban adventure racing teams Australia has to offer to fight the corner for British adventure racing. It promises to be quite a battle in the heat of the Australian summer and another sporting event where British pride is at stake.

Gary Tompsett, adventure planning director from Detail Events Ltd, organisers of the Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, said: “Team AAM have grown with us over the years, and they superbly represent the athlete, the genre and the event.

“Having spent some time in Melbourne during the planning process, it was significant being amongst the colossal architecture of a true ‘Central Business District’.

“They’re going to have a great time racing around such a brilliant City, which will be served up to them by IDQ. It’s an adventure tour like no other.”

After a tremendous year of racing in the 2008 Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, Aberdeen Asset Management created an unassailable lead. However, despite their untouchable position they still made an appearance and won the season finale in London in September and claimed their prize of flights and entry into the first Rat Race to be staged in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bruce Duncan from Team Aberdeen Asset Management, who has just arrived in Melbourne, said: “The UK Rat Race series was a great success for Aberdeen Asset Management.”

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