Media Release: Call for Scottish companies to shine during difficult times

THE search is on to find Scotland’s most responsible and sustainable businesses as Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) launch their Awards for Excellence 2009.

The Awards for Excellence reward companies for the positive impact their responsible business activities have in the marketplace, the workplace, the environment or in the community. With categories ranging from the promotion of workplace health to fighting climate change, the Awards are the UK’s most rigorous awards in Corporate Responsibility (CSR). Highest scorers are awarded the coveted ‘Big Tick’ which is used by hundreds of businesses throughout the UK to compete for customers, contracts and staff.

In the current economic climate, SBC is stressing the importance of the Awards as a way of highlighting CSR excellence in an open, transparent and robust way.

SBC’s chief executive, Samantha Barber, said: “Under the clouds of recession, if an organisation is going to make statements about being an ethical or socially responsible company, they will be held more accountable.

“Companies must now prove that CSR is not a bolt-on or a nice-to-have, but rather that it is integral and embedded into the business’ core purpose and strategy, as well as being linked to other things like values and culture.

“The Awards for Excellence is one internationally recognised and independently verified way for Scottish businesses to prove they are doing this.”

And contrary to recent arguments about the decline of CSR during times of economic difficulty, SBC are confident that businesses will again come forward in numbers this year to highlight the breadth of responsible business in Scotland.

Barber continued: “CSR, as a sustainable, efficient and effective framework for doing business, is fundamental to business success and now more important than ever. Smart businesses are continuing with a robust CSR approach – developing skills, trading responsibly, reducing environmental impact and working with communities – and some are even revisiting their responsible business strategies with renewed vigour. It is these businesses that we are hoping to reach through our Awards for Excellence this year.”

The Awards for Excellence 2009 will officially open for entries on 3 December 2008 and the closing date for applications will be 6 March 2009.

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