Media Release: Xtraordinary hosting proves Magento hosting success for Lodger Footwear

FEW businesses can boast a prime minister as a customer and sales from six continents within the first two months of opening.

Yet that is just what the hi-tech gentlemen’s shoe phenomenon that is Lodger Footwear has achieved with its choice of bespoke, customised and ready to wear shoe collections.

That ‘customised’ option holds the secret of their success. Men of all ages are drawn to the customised-fit based on extremely accurate and detailed laser scanner measurements of their feet.
The custom-fit provides near bespoke comfort and quality at around a third of the bespoke cost, without sacrificing any of the luxury materials and bespoke customer service.
The laser-scanning device that takes over 50 detailed measurements to create a 3-D map of each individual foot is at the heart of both Lodger’s bespoke and customised ‘best-fit’ options. The system was developed by Lodger’s founder, Nathan Brown, who has a background with the top sports footwear manufacturers, having worked with Nike in the US, adidas in the US and Germany, and Puma in the UK.
What Nathan doesn’t know about shoe construction, comfort and performance isn’t worth knowing.
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