Media Release: ‘Alcoholics can drink safely again’ website redesigned and relaunched

A WEBSITE offering hope to alcoholics and sufferers from other related addictions has been redesigned and relaunched this week.

The website features the story of married couple, Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald, from Ayrshire in Scotland, who recovered from alcoholism and controversially are now able to drink responsibly again, and the book ‘Phoenix in a Bottle’ which they wrote about their journey of discovery.

In 1994 as a result of their alcoholism, Lilian and Murdoch were down and out, sleeping rough in the streets and parks of Cambridge, the English university town where, a quarter of a century before, Murdoch had attained an honours degree.

Rejecting the conventional concepts of alcoholism, Lilian and Murdoch set about searching for the underlying causes of their self-harming behaviour problem, which they discovered lay in childhood.

They argue that no alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, but rather to the escape that alcohol affords – escape from life, or certain aspects of life with which they are unable to cope.

Having identified and addressed their issues from the past, the couple are today back home in Ayrshire, leading normal lives again, with their problems of alcoholism and Lilian’s associated eating disorder well and truly behind them.

Controversially, they are also now able to drink alcohol responsibly again, if and when they so wish.

Lilian and Murdoch’s book, ‘Phoenix in a Bottle’, is the inspiring story of their journey.

The book is published by Melrose Books price 16.99. ISBN: 1905226144.

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