Media Release: TES signs licence deal for ultra-wideband wireless technology

ITI Techmedia has reached a new commercial milestone with the signature of a licence to a core element of Ultra-wideband technology created in the ITI Ultra-wideband Wireless Communications R&D programme.

TES Electronic Solutions Ltd (TES), based in Newbridge, Edinburgh, an established design group specialising in wireless communications software, will deploy ITI proprietary technology to strengthen its position in the high speed wireless connectivity market. The agreement will enable TES to develop system and sub-system solutions based on novel Ultra-wideband technology.

The ITI Software Suite comprises ECMA-368 compliant UWB MAC, Convergence Architecture and Protocol Abstraction Layers and has been developed according to the WiMedia UWB standards. The revolutionary architecture will enable TES to provide a single ‘common radio platform’ which will be used to support different wireless protocols simultaneously: High-Data-Rate Bluetooth, Wireless-USB and WLP (‘IP-over-UWB’).

From its Newbridge location, TES provides wireless systems design services to a range of clients. TES wireless IP can be found in many high-street products as well as in professional and military wireless solutions. TES is known for innovation and for the experience which is embedded in its wireless team, and is also known for its high-quality DECT and Bluetooth IP.

Terry Hurley, managing director of ITI Techmedia, commented: Our Ultra-wideband R&D Programme offers a range of commercial opportunities, of which this will be one of the first to be exploited.

“I am delighted that this technology has been licensed by a Scottish group which has world-leading skills in communications software design services, and is seeking to advance its expertise in this important radio technology.

“This is a compelling indication that the ITI model is helping Scotland to realise commercial opportunities in innovative and exciting global markets.”

Barclay Milne, managing director of TES, explains: “TES focuses very much on the high-end professional and consumer markets where customers look for exceptional performance and product differentiation.

“We have been able to meet the special demands of our customers by adapting or enhancing the Bluetooth and DECT technologies to meet the needs of the application.

“Therefore, having full access to UWB technology is essential for the way we work with our clients. The UWB technology will allow us to provide our customers with very high bandwidth (up to 300 Mbps) wireless solutions and to continue to meet the exceptional needs of these clients.”

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