Media Release: Edinburgh PR agency, PHPR shortlisted for a VIBES (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) award

PHPR Ltd is looking forward to a visit from the VIBES awards’ judges this week.

The agency has been shortlisted for a Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES) award, one of Scotland’s premier environmental awards for businesses.

PHPR MD, Penny Haywood Calder, said: “I’m delighted to be on the shortlist as the application form is designed to create a robust environmental policy – so we now know that we have made decent strides forward on that policy.

“I attended a pre-application VIBES award briefing session and entered last year. The feedback gave us an expert steer from the VIBES’ judges and it has worked! Now the main focus is on providing supporting evidence and we await the judges’ visit.

“We often recommend that clients enter awards as they are a good PR opportunity. We always stress that half the battle is choosing the right awards as there are so many awards for business in Scotland.

“We advocate awards that are likely to enhance key strategic objectives and narrowing the selection down to those that provide expert judging feedback.

“These are the awards where every entrant ‘wins’ external consultancy, no matter who ends up on the final awards podium. The VIBES awards are a great example of providing just that.

“We think that environment and business is a key growth area. Making a fair showing in an environmental award underlines our capabilities in this field, but it would be meaningless if we were not fully committed to being a low carbon company. We have ‘reduced, re-used & recycled’ since 1986, long before it was fashionable to do so.

“One of our first pieces of advice for any Scottish business seeking green credentials is: start by entering VIBES.”


About PHPR:

PHPR Ltd is a boutique PR agency specialising in business-to-business PR. Founded as a sole tradership in 1986, PHPR was incorporated as a limited company in 1999. Led by Penny Haywood Calder, PHPR is accredited under the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Excellence programme. PHPR is a member of an international network of PR associated called PR Boutiques International.

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