Media Release: SCC says getting virtualisation right is critical to future of desktop environments

LEADING technology integrator, SCC, has said that companies face a key strategic decision that they must either get right or face missing out on the potential benefits of virtualisation projects.

The statement follows reports that many server and desktop virtualisation projects are failing to meet their objectives.

Says a spokesperson: “Responding to claims that only four per cent of UK customers are achieving the expected ROI from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) installations, one of Europe’s largest independent technology solutions providers believes that IT departments must proceed carefully to avoid making similar mistakes.”

Says Rhys Sharp, chief technology officer at SCC: “Companies across the UK are facing one of the biggest decisions of the decade as they consider the long overdue upgrade to Windows 7. If they take the right path they’ll get the desktop of the future, but if they get it wrong they will be on the verge of making a hugely expensive mistake.”

The spokesperson continued: “Latest survey results indicate that some 48 per cent of IT decision makers remain uncertain or unconvinced by the returns on recently implemented virtualisation projects, with many believing that the potential ROI from such implementations has been overstated.

“According to the market leading technology group, however, those customers finding it difficult to achieve the ROI promised by vendors are, in the main, not taking the long-term strategic view required to make a success of the virtualisation journey.”

Sharp continues: “This is not a simple case of looking at savings over one or two years – you’ve got to consider the refresh costs of your entire infrastructure. It’s all about getting the journey right, and there’s no doubt that if you approach a £1million to £2million upgrade project with VDI already deployed, the migration costs could be 70-90 per cent less.

“The move towards virtualisation is one of the defining moments of desktop infrastructure, and if you don’t get it right you will miss out on a huge opportunity. It has never been so important to get the right partners in to help you decide what services you need to maximise the potential benefits of these accelerating technologies.”

About SCC

SCC is one of Europe’s largest independent technology solutions providers around the infrastructure, and is part of Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH) plc.

The group has regional operations in seven different countries, employs over 7,000 professional staff and has delivered sustained, profitable growth for some 35 years, with annual turnover exceeding £2.5 billion.

Long-term partnerships with the world’s leading solutions providers combine with SCC’s services capabilities to create a rapid return on an investment in IT.

It has an enviable track record of successfully helping European-based companies and government organisations better manage their technology infrastructure, remove cost and create business advantage.

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