Media Release: British Lung Foundation pledge welcomed by telehealth firm

ONE of the UK’s leading telehealth companies has welcomed efforts by the British Lung Foundation to promote the care of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Says a spokesperson: “Ahead of the General Election in June, the BLF has urged the UK’s major political players to support its manifesto and ensure everything is being done to support those affected by lung disease.

“It has laid down nine challenges that would, if implemented, improve the lives of the eight million COPD sufferers UK-wide One aim is to make resources available for the full implementation of the clinical strategy for COPD.

“This has been applauded by industry leaders Telehealth Solutions, a firm that has long been working to improve the lives of COPD sufferers through the intelligent use of technology.

“The company’s Home Pod is already making a difference to the lives of COPD sufferers across the country. It allows patients to monitor their vital signs on a daily basis, checking things like lung function and blood pressure.

“Processed information is then sent, via wireless technology, straight to their GP. That means any changes in a patient’s condition are detected and dealt with very quickly.

“COPD sufferers also value the reassurance the machine provides, both by showing them how much oxygen is in their blood and also, indirectly, with the knowledge that someone is keeping a much closer eye on their condition than ever before.

“Such reassurance is very important as a panic attack immediately worsens any breathing problems, often resulting in an otherwise unnecessary emergency hospital visit.”

Telehealth Solutions executive chair, Jeremy Cummin, explained: “I was encouraged to learn of the BLF’s plans to again raise this issue with Westminster and sincerely hope the main parties are progressive enough in their thinking to implement the charity’s nine points without delay.

“We will all be watching the progress of these proposals with great interest, as they would undoubtedly have a positive impact on the health industry.

“Our Home Pod removes the need for people to visit their GP as often and is also cutting down on hospital admissions. From our experience, when you are living with a chronic condition, any respite from attending clinics, surgeries and hospitals for myriad appointments is very welcome.”

Feedback from areas in which the Home Pod has been used on a trial basis has been very positive, from both health professionals and COPD patients.

A recent project on the Isle of Bute, off the west coast of Scotland, won the firm and NHS Highland an innovation and improvement accolade at the Scottish Health Awards 2009. A group of islanders with COPD were given the Home Pods to use for a trial period and all were delighted with the freedom the machines gave them.

The evaluation from the Bute project and a similar scheme in Renfrewshire, Scotland, is expected soon.

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Notes to editors

Telehealth Solutions was founded in 2006 to bring the convergence of technology and changing clinical practice to the benefit of patients and clinicians. The company has grown rapidly and its employees are dedicated to providing the most secure, scalable and robust methods for collecting information from patients, without the need for clinical intervention, and getting that information into the hands of the clinicians and carers who are looking after those patients.

Products in the THSL portfolio, which is explained in-depth on the firm’s website, include:

•           HomePod

•           CardioPod

•           SurgeryPod

•           Check-in Pod

•           CarePod

The Department of Health describes telehealth as the ‘remote delivery of healthcare using electronic means of communication, usually from patient to clinician’.

It means patients can measure their vital signs at home and the information gathered is then transmitted via a telehealth monitor to a clinician.  Benefits include increased professional focus on patients, anxiety reduction, anticipation and avoidance of crisis admissions to hospital and enhanced medication compliance. The patient also becomes more informed about their daily health and becomes an active partner in their healthcare.

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