Media Release: Source magazine – easy as ABC

HERE at DC Publishing, we’re thrilled to announce that the circulation of Source magazine – Scotland’s must-read publication for school leavers – has been independently verified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

As a result, we’re proud to reveal that our ABC figure for July to December 2009 is 28,745, not including events and exhibition copies.

That means every edition of Source last year got into the hands of the people the publication is aimed at – such as schools, colleges, universities and careers offices – which is great news for our readers and even better news for our advertisers.

What’s more, that figure excludes the copies that are distributed at events and exhibitions, so all the copies given out at jobs fairs and careers events last year don’t help to make up that number. That’s even more people reading Source!

ABC is an industry body that independently verifies and reports on media performance.

You can rest assured that – given the budget pressures many organisations currently face – the ABC figure given above is a number our advertisers can rely on.

Because our circulation is audited by ABC, our advertisers know that their money is being spent effectively because they’re getting the exposure they’ve been promised.

Of course, in addition to our impressive ABC figure, our advertisers can also rely on Source magazine’s sharp design and exceptional editorial to reach their target market.

With recent comments from readers including, “Source is rather awesome, to say the least” (Dayna McAlpine, fifth-year student at North Berwick High School), we’re certain that Source is exactly the kind of publication school leavers across Scotland want to read.

And Source is something that we are truly proud of here at DC Publishing. Our ABC figure – a guarantee that our distribution is as good as we say it is – is just the latest thing we want to shout about.

As Denise Connelly, director of DC Publishing, reveals: “Not only are we widely distributing a must-read publication to a hard-to-reach target market, we’re also excited by the calibre of advertisers we attract, the ongoing popularity of our new supplement magazine the Teachers’ Re:SOURCE, and of course the amazing feedback we enjoy.”

Source’s editor, Melissa Holmes, agrees: “Since the magazine set up shop barely 15 months ago, I’ve been thrilled by the response – every issue sees more and more emails flooding my inbox from both readers and advertisers keen to get involved with the phenomenon that is Source.”

So if you want to get involved with Source, get in touch with us and tell us all about it. It’s as easy as ABC!


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