Media Release: TUV NEL proposes Joint Industry Project to develop monitoring and reporting guidelines for CCS

INTERNATIONAL technology services organisation, TUV NEL, announces the launch of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to evaluate and recommend technologies that will be used to determine the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) captured and transferred through the various stages of a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system.

Says a spokesperson: “The fundamental aim of the proposed JIP is to develop comprehensive monitoring and reporting guidelines for CCS that will assist the industry in performing their measurements, and ensuring that best practice is followed.

“The JIP also intends to provide industry with independent test data and expert evaluation of the various techniques used for measuring CO2 composition and flow rate.”

According to Jim Holt, TUV NEL’s international business development manager, the CCS Joint Industry Project was launched to act upon some of the recommendations contained within the CCS Report that was produced on behalf of the UK’s National Measurement Office by Lynn Hunter who leads TUV NEL’s CCS measurement research activities.

“Following on from Lynn’s CCS Report, the rationale behind this newly proposed JIP is that, as CO2 is captured and safely stored, it will have monetary value according to the EU legal framework. Since the CO2, can then be traded for credits within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), it is crucial that all captured CO2 is accurately measured across each stage of the CCS chain,” said Jim.

“There are significant metrological challenges with metering the quantities of CO2 that is captured, transported and stored. So the aim of this JIP is to fill the gap in knowledge of metering CO2 and CO2 mixtures across the range of conditions that will be encountered in CCS schemes.”

Despite the anticipated pipeline flow measurement issues and challenges arising from the unique behaviour of CO2 under different property states and process conditions, the majority of CCS research undertaken thus far has primarily focused only on the techniques involved in the CO2 capture process, geological surveying and monitoring of storage sites. The work contained within the JIP proposal addresses the significant measurement and metrological challenges.

Jim said: “Using the collaborative approach that a comprehensive JIP provides will be the best way to achieve our proposed CCS JIP objectives. By capitalising on TUV NEL’s knowledge, expertise and test facilities, the scope of work includes determination of density and phase envelope over the range of temperatures and pressures that will be experienced in CCS capture and transportation; this will cover the gaseous, liquid and supercritical phases.

“Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of CO2 mixtures will be used to further examine the effect of phase change owing to pressure drop and temperature changes in transmission pipelines.”

TUV NEL is currently looking for partners from across the CCS chain (emitters, transportation companies, storage companies and equipment manufacturers), to sign up to participate in this project, which has a projected timeline of two years.

For further information on the CCS JIP proposal or for expressing interest in participation, please contact Jim Holt (


Notes to the Editor:

About TUV NEL:

Under the UK Government National Measurement System (NMS), TUV NEL is currently engaged in a CCS measurement research programme addressing a number of the measurement issues and challenges outlined above.

As custodian of the UK’s National Flow Measurement Standards and a leading international technology services organisation, TUV NEL has a successful track record of more than five decades, delivering world class innovative solutions to difficult problems.

The company provides services, solutions and technology to clients across industries, including oil and gas, government, manufacturing, renewable and sustainable energy, on a local and global basis.

It is part of the TÜV SÜD Group, the leading international service organisation. With over 13,000 employees, it is represented worldwide at more than 600 locations.

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