Media Release: Bourne unveils success of Invitrogen Challenge Lab campaign

CREATIVE digital agency, Bourne, has announced the successful completion of its innovative Challenge Lab campaign for the Invitrogen brand.

The strategy, which saw Bourne develop an scalable platform based game designed to encourage customer interaction and increase the time users spent on the site, employed emerging new technologies and applications to drive traffic from social networking sites.

Now fully-deployed in North America, EMEA and APAC, the Challenge Lab site’s success in attracting thousands of new users has convinced Invitrogen to dedicate an in-house team to its continued development.

“Invitrogen approached us last year with the brief to develop a game that would engage the end users of their Gibco product, a solution used in laboratory experiments.

“Traditional methods of promotion had been met with various levels of success and as they were looking for a fresh and engaging way to meet their objectives, we devised a campaign capable of reaching their target market across the web, social media and mobile,” said Adrian James, client services director at Bourne.

“The results have been fantastic, demonstrating that with the right mix of technical expertise and creativity, a properly managed digital campaign can engage potential customers far more effectively than traditional marketing techniques – irrespective of how complex or specialised the market is.”

Says a spokesperson: “Built using cutting-edge FlashPaper game design techniques, Challenge Lab centres on a geometrically designed platform presenting three separate challenges for the user to tackle. Each game tests a specific skill – logic, memory or knowledge – with participants set the objective of working their way through each game, racking up high scores to compete for Gibco benefits and prizes and also competing against their peers.

“The game’s three challenges: Lab racer, Culture rush and Brain game all encouraged visitors to create a personalised Avatar, which they can print out and stick to the wall of a lab or office. The platform also contains prize draws and offers allowing end users to send off for T-shirts, 3-D glasses, Ipods and games consoles.

“An experiential platform promoted via social media buzz generated through a succesful twitter launch, Facebook fan page and outreach programme designed to reach key bloggers and opinion influencers in the sector, the Challenge Lab campaign has attracted almost 4,000 users to date. Having delivered against all of the key goals set for the project – particularly in significantly increasing the time users spend on – further investment will see the game further developed in the months ahead.”

Said Di Foxx, senior market development manager, Life Technologies: “The Invitrogen Challenge Lab has brought a fresh, fun and more intimate dimension to our global marketing strategy. We have connected with our customers in a more relaxed and open setting, collected valuable profile and behavioural data, and used the platform to improve awareness of our products and promotions. It has boosted excitement and engagement within our sales force, making conversations about our brand easier for them to initiate with customers who are interested in the Challenge Lab.”

About Bourne

Geared to provide creativity that converts, Bourne is a leading digital agency with a difference. Their digital strategy experts operate globally from offices in Glasgow, London and New York, devising high-level creative and strategic campaigns that put their clients’ brands in front of the audiences that matter.

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