Media Release: Revolver PR urges caution over use of Twitter for digital PR

REVOLVER PR has urged brands to adopt a more informed, moderate approach to the use of social media tools for digital PR.

Says a spokesperson: “With enthusiasm for the social media phenomenon reaching epic proportions, Revolver PR has noticed a growing tendency for organisations, keen to initiate online PR strategies, to set up accounts on platforms like Twitter without considering the potential implications for their profile.

“The digitally-enabled public relations consultancy says that, while online networking platforms can provide companies with a powerful toolkit for buzz monitoring and promotions, campaigns that use such channels inappropriately are a waste of time and resources.”

Says Revolver PR’s managing director, Iain Bruce: “Too many PR practitioners seem to be in a panic over social media and are responding by rushing to set up client accounts on Twitter, Facebook and any other service they find vaguely recognisable. These are powerful tools and many of our clients do use them to great effect, but they are not a universal public relations panacea and simply will not work for every company.

“If there’s a natural home for a corporate Twitter account it’s with the client services department, where they need to make themselves immediately and easily available to customers. The case for marcoms involvement is less clear. Quite apart from the obvious potential dangers of getting into live, two-way and very public discussions with members of the public, the fact remains that for many business sectors these networks are simply not the right place to push sales.”

Irrespective of the particular platform, Revolver PR’s approach is to plan Digital PR strategies using a blend of key press and public relations skills. The agency’s team are experts in both the traditional press and online media, and ensure that all print and broadcast activity is accompanied by an appropriate multi-platform digital strategy tailored to meet each campaign’s individual goals and target audience.

“Digital PR is not about promising prizes to the person who retweets your promotional link the most or commanding junior account executives to beg people to sign up to Facebook fan pages. It’s about using tried and tested press techniques, modifying them where necessary, and using a blend of analysis and strategy to promote them across the channels appropriate to their target audience,” added Bruce.

About Revolver PR

Revolver PR is one Scotland’s leading digitally-enabled PR consultancies and is geared to deliver results across the print, broadcast and digital media.

Combining key press and public relations consultancy skills with leading-edge understanding of digital PR, internet news distribution, social media, events PR and video marketing, the agency offers a full range of corporate communications services designed to deliver twice the value of traditional PR.

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