Media Release: Revolver PR champions newsroom approach to online video

REVOLVER PR has called upon film production companies to fundamentally change their approach to producing online video as a digital PR tool.

Says a spokesperson: “The call follows a marked increase in the popularity of online video, with the Association of Online Publishers predicting a 90 per cent growth in online video revenues in 2010 and numerous reports indicating a likely boom for producers of filmed content this year.

“Yet despite video becoming an increasingly relevant PR tool used to populate multimedia press releases and provide resource hungry broadcasters with stock footage, the vast majority of production companies remain too slow and too expensive to meet the market’s demands.”

Said Iain Andrew, broadcast and production director at Revolver PR: “The commercial video production industry has to adjust its headset and adopt a newsroom approach to film. In the web age there’s no time to mess about with story boards, recruit full production crews and spend weeks in post production, because so far as its use as Digital PR collateral goes, video needs to be fast and affordable.

“If traditional film production houses want to capitalise on the growth of online video they’ve got to embrace the efficiencies of the internet age. They have to re-tune their operations and provide multi-skilled one-man crews capable of shooting news quality footage, editing it for the web and distributing relevant stock footage around the broadcasters’ newsrooms in a matter of hours.”

The spokesperson continued: “Digitally-enabled public relations consultancy, Revolver PR, has found that with the YouTube generation likely to be put off by videos they perceive to be too corporate or slickly produced, promotional films backed by big budgets do not not necessarily perform well online. The company, which produces filmed collateral for a number of its digital PR clients, believes that online video is at its most effective when produced in quantity and at a low cost.”

Added Andrew: “It’s a matter of horses for courses. If they’re looking for full-scale television adverts or promotional films then naturally the audience expects high quality and solid production values. When it comes to producing content that’s going to be viewed online at 72dpi; however, speed and cost-effectiveness are the key criteria. That’s something the video industry is going to have to come to terms with if they plan to prosper in the digital era.”

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