Media Release: Kirk concern at human egg sales

A CHUCH of Scotland convener has today voiced his concern about the practice of auctioning and selling human eggs for IVF treatment.

Reverend Ian Galloway, convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council, spoke out following the recent ‘raffle’ of a fertility treatment cycle in London, in conjunction with an US-based clinic.

Mr Galloway said the practice now exists in Scotland.

Says a Church of Scotland spokesperson: “The sale of human eggs is not allowed in the UK where donors are only compensated ‘reasonable’ expenses and loss of earnings up to a maximum of £250.

“But, the problem is that there is a long waiting list for donated human eggs and a market has arisen.”

Writing on his blog, Mr Galloway said: “The sale of human eggs favours the commoditisation of human parts – human eggs should not be in a shopping basket on the same level as a grocery item.

“Just as it is wrong to buy and sell human beings it is wrong to buy and sell human eggs.

“It is a tribute to the creativity of scientists, biologists and medical doctors that some solutions to infertility are now available.

“Infertility is a complex emotional problem and the pain and tribulation of individuals and couples facing it should be weighed on the balance against the ramifications of the sale of human eggs for our society.

“The Church of Scotland has a clear policy against the sale of human eggs because it considers the practice exploitative of the poor, who may feel compelled to become donors for a fee, undergoing invasive, potentially dangerous and often painful procedures.”


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