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ORIGINALLY conceived in 1998 and marketed as ‘Communicare’ by Argyll –, the UK leader in lone worker monitoring – personal safety system, Archangel, has been developed significantly and currently supports over 30,000 end users, managing key risks that span multiple industry sectors.

In 2010, Archangel’s backbone technology was instrumental in assisting Argyll when, following extensive trials, they became the police preferred specification for use in domestic violence applications.

Archangel is the first fully-integrated wide area personal safety monitoring system and is a comprehensive, secure, service platform designed for use by monitoring centres (e.g. call centres, CCTV, Telecare or BS5979 Alarm Receiving Centres), delivering healthcare, personal safety and security services for commercial operators, employers and public sector agencies in pursuit of their duty of care under current health and safety legislation and emerging lone worker standards such as BS8484.

Personal risk management requires more than just software or devices, it requires an holistic approach to all aspects of supporting people while working or living alone.

This is why Archangel is designed to satisfy five key principals:

1. Risk Management

2. Location Management

3. Solution Management

4. Incident Management

5. Compliance Management

Archangel assists in the measurement and control of risk through the introduction of safer working practices for remote/mobile workers and discreet remote monitoring of vulnerable persons.

This aids:

  • Staff to take control of the risk at source by carrying out their own dynamic risk assessment and by enabling them to take sensible proactive measures that ensure their own safety
  • Monitoring providers and responders to co-ordinate and deliver effective and appropriate assistance exactly where it’s required
  • Employers – to achieve compliance with current Health & Safety legislation
  • Carers – to provide discreet and comprehensive support for vulnerable individuals under their care.

Support is achieved through the combined use of layered, interactive and time based risk management software; electronic location information management; a choice of appropriate mobile devices and applications plus secure Internet services for local day-to-day management.

The system is designed to provide care and response support to a wide range of vulnerable persons irrespective of the device being carried or their geographic location and without placing unnecessary resource burdens on response teams.

Archangel provides end users with simplicity of use, operational suitability and technical competence. Fundamentally it provides vital comfort, remote dedicated support and reassurance of safety.

For employers and carers, Archangel facilitates compliance with legislation, offers productivity improvements, improves social relations and morale and provides simple administration via Internet services enabling management of the corporate H&S policy.

Archangel provides ARC’s with simplified operator interfaces and subscriber alarm workflows. Automated alarm escalation and filtration processes plus automatic and manual incident report generation with fully auditable performance and productivity measures enable demonstration of compliance with industry standards. High volume call traffic handling, intelligent routing, access to management information, flexible reporting and friendly, reliable support are just as important.

It is Archangel’s total commitment to these standards that has built our reputation for delivering an industry-leading risk management solution.

Main features:

  • Police preferred specification
  • Over 30,000 end users
  • Modular technology, flexible and scalable architecture
  • Integrated location mapping
  • Secure Internet services for dynamic control
  • Supports personal mobile phones, blackberry and windows mobile devices
  • Supports a choice of accredited, specialist manufacturers, health, safety and wellbeing devices
  • A choice of third-party developer applications
  • Compliance and audit reports
  • BS8484 lone worker standard compliant.

About Argyll

Since its foundation in 1998, Argyll – has become the UK’s leading provider of services and technology solutions that support employers fulfil their duty of care to Lone Worker employees. The company supports almost 30,000 individuals and offers a range of products and services specifically designed to monitor and manage an individual’s health, safety and well-being empowering them with the ability to manage day to day risks.

Argyll not only provides Lone Workers with the means of summoning assistance and a guaranteed emergency response, but also provides the employer with full compliance of health and safety legislation and the new standards.

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