Media Release: Argyll introduces two health and safety software applications

ARGYLL, an UK leader in lone worker safety, introduces ‘Blac°’ for Blackberry devices and ‘Blu°’ for Windows Mobile devices, two new health and safety software applications that are specifically designed to discreetly monitor those at risk, remove the need to deploy expensive ‘specialised’ devices for those personnel deemed at lower risk, maximise the employer return on investment case through significant added value services and still comply with legislation.

Following feedback from clients, Argyll has recognised that many employers are now deploying mobile technology such as Blackberry and Windows mobile devices in a bid to improve productivity for their remote workers.

Says a spokesperson: “Argyll has also recognised that employees do not always require, or desire, to carry two devices and that in the current economic climate, where employers are striving to keep costs under control, employers are keen to reduce the numbers of sim cards being deployed.”

‘Blac°’ & ‘Blu°’ enable any ‘at risk’ Lone Worker with a GPS-equipped Blackberry or Microsoft Windows Mobile device or mobile phone, to maintain reliable contact with an in-house response team and a BS8484 compliant end-to-end solution incorporating a police-preferred status Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The spokesperson continues: “At any given time the worker is able to update the ARC with data relating to their personal safety. If immediate assistance is needed, this can be summoned by pressing the assigned ‘DURESS’ button on the mobile device. Key communication functions incorporating fail-safes are monitored both on and off device (exceeding the minimum requirements of BS8484) to ensure contact with the worker throughout the working shift.

“The application is fully configurable via Argyll’s comprehensive Internet services enabling employers to control lone worker policy, manage compliance and view current status. The ARC is constantly updated with the geographic location of the device using it’s GPS coordinates, irrespective of the risk level set and it may also be configured to restrict monitoring to within working hours ensuring staff privacy.”

Other device status information such as battery life or signal strength means that our ‘Blac°’ & ‘Blu°’ applications easily exceed the minimum requirements contained within BS8484.

Argyll, recognised as the UK’s largest lone worker service provider, is providing free links and advice for any organisations seeking to control ‘lone working’ which is highlighted by the HSE as one of the highest risk exposures for prosecution under the CMCHA. The information is available via the company’s website and enables employers to properly understand the current legislation and contains helpful advice and guidance to assist them fulfil their duty of care for lone workers.

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