Media Release: Minister voices disappointment as Drinks Bill goes ‘bottoms up’

THE Convener of one of the most influential Kirk councils has voiced his disappointment over the blow to the SNP government’s plans to impose a 45p minimum drink price by MSPs, who voted down the controversial policy.

Rev Ian Galloway, Convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council, is amongst those who supported the government’s plans since the Alcohol Bill was launched last year.

Says a spokesperson: “The Church, alongside medical organisations, the police and voluntary groups have all campaigned in support of the bill.”

Mr Galloway said: “I am disappointed by what has happened.

“There is no doubt that alcohol abuse blights all of our lives. The cost of alcohol abuse is not just financial but gnaws away at the very souls of families who have to cope with its effects. It doesn’t just affect the drinker, it affects everyone.

“The bill might not have stopped alcohol abuse but at least the administration has made the attempt to tackle the situation.

“The price we pay for alcohol consumption is more expensive socially and spiritually, than financially. This is a disappointing outcome.”

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