Media Release: Telehealth could save NHS more than £70m in two years, says study

TELEHEALTH technology could save the NHS more than £70 million in the next two years by reducing hospital admissions – says a study.

Begins a spokesperson: “According to research carried out by award-winning industry leader Telehealth Solutions, one day in hospital costs the NHS about £230.

“However, patients with chronic conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) could be hospitalised for an average of 12 days, which could cost up to £2,500 per stay.

“If admissions were reduced by almost 90 per cent among users of the Watford-based firm’s portable HomePod, the NHS could £70 million across the UK. That equates to £4,000 per device in the field.

“The ‘HomePod’ allows patients with COPD or heart failure to measure key medical statistics each day, then send them to a doctor instantly.

“It can measure things like blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation and patients can also answer questions and receive advice or encouragement from a doctor. The result is, carers can intervene as soon as there is a problem and before the issue demands a hospital visit.

“With more demands on budgets than ever before the NHS needs to examine ways in which it can save money in the long-term.

“The money saved by embracing telehealth could be redirected to vital aspects of health services, including more home or GP visits or more responsive A&E services for when patients do require a visit to hospital.”

Telehealth Solutions product manager, Charles Lowe, said: “I think that now, as ever, the NHS could benefit enormously from telehealth. The group that will benefit most, however, are those who suffer from painful and debilitating conditions.”

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