Media Release: SCC calls for UK systems audit to harness power of consumerisation

LEADING technology integrator, SCC, says that companies must fundamentally examine the issues raised by consumer technology’s infiltration of business computing if they don’t wish to miss out on potential improvements in productivity, cost benefits and morale.

SCC warns that businesses should carry out a fundamental audit of their network activity to establish precisely how staff are now using personal devices such as iPads, smartphones and ‘netbooks’ within the office environment.

Says a spokesperson: “The company believes that with such devices becoming increasingly common in today’s offices, CIO’s must firmly establish the extent and nature of the issue before they can plan an effective response to the phenomenon.”

Said Rhys Sharp, CTO at SCC: “Despite the fact that the rapid consumerisation of workplace IT is already well underway, many companies are still struggling to come to terms with a process that has accelerated rapidly over the last 12 months. It has caught a lot of businesses by surprise, and the bald truth is that many organisations are not even sure what technologies are being used over their networks.

“We are recommending that all clients undertake a comprehensive audit to establish the precise levels of activity on their systems and provide a solid strategic starting point from which to plan their response.”

The spokesperson added: “While the use of personal devices brought into the workplace has awoken concerns over security in many IT departments, commentators throughout the industry have suggested that in the long term the practice may prove extremely beneficial. In addition to the potential cost benefits offered by the phenomenon, it has been widely suggested that when being allowed to use their technologies of choice, today’s workforce sees improvements in both productivity and morale.”

Continued Rhys Sharp: “The consumerisation of IT may have taken many companies by surprise, but the reality is that the market has already developed a range of technologies such as VDI and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that were built to cope with challenges like these. Companies need to start by auditing their systems to establish the extent of the issue, then start working on a response designed to minimise the risks while maximising the benefits.”

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