Media Release: British Red Cross offers First Aid advice ahead of Bonfire Night

AS bonfire night approaches, the British Red Cross is highlighting the importance of basic First Aid knowledge.

Begins a spokesperson: “It is a known fact that most firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties so when accidents happen it is important to be prepared.”

Joe Mulligan, the British Red Cross head of First Aid, said: “Everyone loves a sparkler! However, as we happily hand them over to our kids, friends and family, perhaps we ought to consider that sparklers are actually five times hotter than boiling water.

“You wouldn’t start waving a boiling kettle around now, would you!”

The British Red Cross have come up with some bonfire themed advice in case of Bonfire and burn-related accidents. Here are some tips:

  • Scorched, singed and sizzling! That’s what someone’s skin will be doing if they come into contact with the hot and sparkly bit. Just to add to the ‘ssssssss’, there will probably be screams as well!
  • Put the burned area under cold running water as soon as possible for at least ten minutes – yes, ten minutes! This will stop the ‘cooking’ effect
  • Any cold liquid will do if you do not have access to water. For example, a glass of squash or a cold beer – oh come on, there’s plenty more!
  • Refrain from putting any lotions, creams, butter or oils on the burn; they will not help the situation and may cause more pain if they have to be removed later on
  • Keep calm! Especially if helping someone else – panicking will get you nowhere
  • Loosely wrap cling film around the burn, or use a clean plastic bag, to protect the area from infection.
  • Every child that receives a burn should be checked over by a medical professional. For adults, seek medical advice if you are overly concerned
  • Remember, remember the 5th of November….. is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself. To ensure that your fireworks night goes off with a bang, brush up on your first aid skills at so that everyone is safe.

The spokesperson added: “Last year, the British Red Cross delivered first aid training to more than 150,000 people, providing the necessary skills to respond safely when things go wrong.”

You can also learn at home.

The Red Cross also offers a range of products that ensure you can learn what you want when you want.

One of which includes Children First Aid, which offers parents and carers free and simple online advice on first aid for children.

The site can be accessed at and features various learning resources including videos, animations and downloadable information.

To find out more about the range of first aid courses and products available visit the website or call 0844 871 8000.

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