Media Release: SCC, IBM and Intel call upon UK businesses to rethink

LEADING technology companies SCC, IBM and Intel, are set to tell the UK’s business leaders that they must rethink their approach to technology ‘from the ground up’ if they are to create the dynamic, smart-thinking companies required to meet the challenges of the years ahead.

Says a spokesperson: “Speaking at VIP briefings organised in partnership with computing giants IBM and Intel, the technology solutions provider will tell an audience of senior business executives that surviving today’s commercial pressures will require a fundamental review of the way their companies operate.

“Set to be told that surviving the financial storm goes beyond simply slashing budgets, attendees will learn how to get the best out of a continually evolving IT infrastructure without breaking the bank.”

Said Peter Spreadbury, SCC director of Vendor Alliances: “Nearly every business decision maker in Britain faces the same set of conflicting issues.

“In addition to coping with ever increasing pressure to tighten budgets, they are simultaneously facing up to a range of new regulations on issues such as the drive to reduce their carbon footprint while also attempting to both make the most of their existing IT infrastructure and take full advantage of the latest technological developments.

“Clearly satisfying all of these conflicting factors cannot be achieved by cost-cutting alone. Businesses have to be more dynamic than ever before, and at this session we’ll be helping companies manage that process by identifying the gaps in their systems and demonstrating how to plug them in a smart, cost-effective manner.”

The spokesperson added: “Executives attending the breakfast briefings will be provided with guidance on how to negotiate a landscape in which some 90 per cent of UK businesses are running outdated or unsupported systems and software.

“A task made all the more challenging by the fact that those same operations have on average already lost 30 per cent of their in-house IT budgets, they will be shown how to adopt a dynamic, smart-thinking approach that identifies the gaps and weaknesses in their infrastructure and outlines what needs to be address.

“Budget holders will be shown how to approach the five key pillars of the dynamic modern company, examining their business infrastructure’s visibility, use of information and data, exposure to risk, delivery issues and its scope to do more for less.

“Focusing on the likely shape of corporate IT in the future, experts from Intel will also be on hand to discuss coming developments to the data centre of tomorrow.

“As part of its recent investment programme, SCC has become the only UK partner to have achieved IBM Dynamic Infrastructure Elite accreditation, awarded through a rigorous program of technical certifications and allowing the company to run Dynamic Infrastructure workshops that identify the most significant areas where cost savings can be achieved through consolidation, simplification and virtualisation.

“The company also has has a full demo lab facility ‘Business Solutions Centre’ in Birmingham including servers from the IBM P7 and System X families, Storage technologies including XiV, SVC and the brand new V7000 Storwize.

“The lab also has technicians skilled in Tivoli, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Oracle. Additionally, SCC has a Power 7 customer test bed environment in Warrington.”

To register for the SCC/IBM breakfast briefings email or telephone 0845 351 1157

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