Media Release: Camphill to feature in three-part documentary in Korea

CAMPHILL Aberdeen communities are to be featured this week (December 1-3) in a series of three radio programmes looking at the work of the Camphill communities in Aberdeen.

Commenting on the programmes, Eunmi Lee, the producer for the Korean Broadcasting System, said:

“We wanted to visit Camphill so that we can hear more about the lives in the communities and the philosophy. We also wanted to know how Camphill has been successful to make many communities all over the world.

“We visited some places for people with learning disability in Korea because we would like to know what difficulties they have now and whether they will be any possibility to start a Camphill in Korea.

“In short, many Koreans are interested in starting a community for people with special needs like Camphill. The radio program will give them some ideas, motivation and inspiration.”

Laurence Alfred, co-ordinator at Camphill School Aberdeen, said:

“It is an honour for us to be asked to participate in such a documentary and is another indication of how Camphill Aberdeen is seen in high regard internationally.

“Increasingly, the work of the Camphill Aberdeen charities is being used as a model. Last year we had a visit from Korean Television who used Camphill Aberdeen as a model in a special report on the role of welfare communities. Prior to that we hosted a delegation from Romania.

“More recently, one of our senior co-workers has just returned from a lecture tour in India while another has been invited to return to Russia where she lectured last year.”

The Korean radio programmes are to be broadcast over three days on December 1 to 3.

The Camphill Movement, which takes its name from the original community that opened at Camphill House in the Milltimber area of Aberdeen, now extends to 100 centres in 23 countries.

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