Media Release: Interpretation of baby language and talk made easier by free, online baby quiz

A FUN and interactive online baby quiz game has taken the parenting world by storm with the launch of ‘Baby Clues’ which was made available online for free from 1st October 2010.

Baby Clues aims to help parents understand baby language in the form of gestures, movements and expressions that are made by babies from birth to indicate their needs. The game can be played by expectant/ new mums and dads together or separately. It also aims to empower parents by giving them support and insights on their relationship with each other.

The essence of Baby Clues is early intervention, giving every child the best start in life. These tips for parents provided by the game allow both mothers and fathers to learn to interpret baby language and in so doing, ensure the highest level of baby bonding right from birth.

Says a spokesperson: “Babies can’t talk but they can communicate.  Being able to ‘read’ the clues babies are giving is part of building a strong relationship with them.

“At the heart of the game is sound know-how about nurturing babies which is presented in a fun and novel way. Evie, the cartoon baby, invites parents to take a few minutes –side by side – to get to know her. Together with Evie’s feedback and video content showing a real baby, parents can work out their own baby’s unique way of communicating with them through the questions in the quiz.

“The game also challenges couples in a light-hearted and engaging way to answer questions about each other, to underline the importance of communication between couples before and after a baby’s birth.

“Baby Clues was developed by charity organisation One Plus One, one of the UK’s leading relationship research organisations and can be found on – a popular website from One Plus One that offers parents and couples ‘do-it-yourself’ relationship advice and support.”

Penny Mansfield, director at One Plus One, explained more about the thinking behind the launch: “We know from our extensive research that becoming parents can have a major impact on a couple’s relationship. This is where there’s a paradox. While a strong relationship between their mum and dad is good for babies, it seems that their arrival can disrupt or even weaken the relationship that should cradle their early life.

“The demands of caring for a new baby, while working and suffering from sleep deprivation result in exhaustion and stress. In spite of this, parents are highly motivated to do the best for their baby. Good communication is more important than ever and that’s where we step in, by providing support for new parents and helping them stay together.”

Baby Clues is the outcome of a pilot project where One Plus One and the Brazelton Centre combined their knowledge on parental relationships and infant development in training health practitioners. Health practitioners stressed the value of putting that knowledge into the hands of mothers and fathers directly. Being able to listen, notice, acknowledge and respond in a nurturing way is essential to building and maintaining good relationships.

This work is supported by the Department for Education as part of its investment in Families and Relationships.

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