Media Release: AMV and Cherry Media S.L. announce publishing deal

AMERICAN Mobile Ventures Limited (AMV), leading international digital entertainment publisher, and Cherry Media S.L. (Cherrysauce), leading mobile adult provider, today signed an exclusive partnership with scope to seamlessly produce, develop and distribute over two million unique digital content assets directly to billions of consumers via virtually any mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or internet-enabled device worldwide.

Says a spokesperson: “The deal is significant within the context of such a comparatively large catalogue of exclusively erotic mobile entertainment, simultaneously delivered within the exclusive confines of over 700 direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution channels; without any direct relationship with mobile network operators, content aggregators or mobile device manufacturers.

“The entertainment will instead be promoted digitally and via mass media advertisements connecting via third-party, age-verified, independent billing providers.”

Says Jack Cresswell, joint owner of AMV: “In a challenging time for the mobile entertainment industry, we are undoubtedly excited at the brilliantly original nature of this truly complementary partnership.

“Cherrysauce and AMV partnering together become the single most capable provider and publisher of mobile adult entertainment and proudly continue to bridge the gap of individual consumer needs, driving quality entertainment experiences on the mobile device. Offering consumers what they want in the best possible way is a no-brainer, really.

“The deal was announced on the back of declining on-portal revenues and tighter margins in the wider mobile content industry; driving the need for the two companies to adopt a more consolidated strategy to better focus on core competencies and extract improved qualitative yield from their mobile content, products and services. Initial trial results of this joint strategy revealed a highly disproportionate increase in monthly revenues (ARPU), by in some cases up to a staggering 600 per cent.”

Adds Julia Dimambro, owner of Cherry Media: “We feel vindicated that after a rigorous tendering and due-diligence process, it was Cherry’s unique approach to deliver content experiences driven entirely by consumer context that ultimately secured this deal.

“To work with AMV that does nothing but engage in direct dialogue with consumers and devotes all of their energy to convert what the consumer truly wants; to us is nothing short of inspirational.”

Cherry and AMV will commence development of their unique catalogue immediately, as well as numerous intuitive application development as part of a clear product launch roadmap forecast for top-line revenue growth over the next financial year and well beyond.

AMV contact: David Jarvis, The Cue Project: +44 (0) 750 8683527 –

Cherry media contact: Julia Dimambro: +34 93 893 9857 –

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