Media Release: Administrate launches new learning management system

NEW LMS is now part of Administrate’s specialist business management software for training providers, developed to streamline administration and cut costs

Says a spokesperson: “Training sector specialist, Administrate, is launching a comprehensive new learning management system (LMS) that is fully-integrated into the current business management solution.

“The powerful LMS enables users to deliver professional online training courses, build tailored learning environments for students and coaches, deliver online course materials and create ‘virtual classrooms’ for any event, public or in-house eLearning is a rapidly growing sector of the UK education and training industry.

“With the ongoing drive to cut costs, businesses and professional training organisations are looking for more cost effective ways to deliver training to their employees and students.

“Using online learning management systems enables participants to access course material and attend tutorials online through one easy portal – providing a high quality learning environment and saving money on overheads, travel and time away from work.

“A number of eLearning systems are already on the market but user feedback is that the software is difficult to use and expensive to install.

“The Administrate LMS solution brings a comprehensive list of functionality to cover all course delivery requirements. Course organisers can build tailored learning environments for students, store course materials centrally and provide pre and post event support for live training events (public or in house).

“With an inbuilt user forum students can interact with instructors and discuss issues relating to their courses.

“Also included in the system are progress reports and social networking features such as student bios and status updates. The Administrate LMS is also fully SCORM compliant.

“The Administrate platform has been developed over the last seven years within training organisations as the one system with which they can run their entire business, streamline their administration and cut costs, whether it is managing courses and programmes to the sales pipeline and financial reporting.”

Managing director, Jon Earnshaw, said: “Our experience is that training providers end up using a variety of different software packages to manage their business and get frustrated with the inefficiency of having to enter their data in multiple places (what we call ‘admin bloat’) and struggle to pull together the key information management need to run the organisation.

“Even in small organisations our clients tell us that Administrate is their ‘star employee’, doing the work of a full-time administrator.

“We are proud to launch our Learning Management System to the market and include it within the integrated Administrate package.

“We know from existing customers that the LMS delivers a huge amount of incremental value to them and makes a big difference to their business.

“Having been a Training Business director myself I understand the administrative costs and challenges training providers face delivering courses online and face-to-face.”



About Administrate

Administrate is the fully-integrated Business Management Software solution specifically developed for training providers to streamline administration and cut costs. Administrate is used by professional training companies from small boutique operations to large international training businesses, operating in dozens of countries and in multiple currencies.

The Administrate system is the result of seven years continuous development in response to the on-the-ground requirements of our clients and fully supported by our strong credentials in the management of professional training operations.

Administrate enables you to streamline your business administration, nurture your customers and prospects, and get in depth control and analysis of all your training events. Administrate is a fully comprehensive and feature rich software suite that will simplify your operation, integrate all of your documentation from multiple applications, and encourage effective company wide collaboration by ensuring that everything is working in complete harmony.


Jon Earnshaw,, 0800 170 7150 Or Jonathan Williamson,, 0141 334 0126.

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Contact: Jon Earnshaw
Phone: 0800 170 7150