Media Release: WWF Scotland comment on Islay tidal energy scheme news

A MAJOR tidal energy project, to be built in the Sound of Islay off the west coast of Scotland, was approved by the Scottish Government [1] today (Thursday 17 March).

Welcoming the ten turbine scheme, Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland said:

“Approval for this scheme is a further feather in Scotland’s cap when it comes to renewable energy.

“Alongside energy saving measures, wave and tidal energy will have a critical role to play in helping Scotland reduce climate emissions and phase out polluting coal and nuclear power.

“Given the huge renewable energy potential around our coast, and the strong skills in offshore engineering, marine energy offers a fantastic opportunity for Scotland.

“It will be important to make sure environmental monitoring is put in place to enable the renewables industry learn how best to deploy more devices like this in the future.

“However, with careful planning we can harness Scotland’s wave and tidal energy while safeguarding the nation’s tremendous marine environment.

“Scotland is well ahead of the game in exploiting wave power and continued support for these green energy schemes will deliver huge export benefits in technology and expertise, as well as many thousands of green jobs.”

Added a spokesperson: “Last year, WWF along with a number of other NGOs released The Power of Scotland Renewed report, based on research by independent energy analysts, Garrad Hassan.

“It shows that there is enormous potential to increase generation of electricity from renewable sources during the next two decades, so much so that by 2030 renewable energy can meet between 60 per cent and 143 per cent of Scotland’s projected annual electricity demand.”



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