Media Release: WWF Scotland comment on predictions of offshore wind plans

THE Scottish Government today published plans which it says could deliver almost five Gigawatts of electricity from offshore wind by 2020 – enough for three million homes. [1]

Welcoming the plans, WWF’s head of Policy, Dr Dan Barlow, said:

“This announcement marks a major step toward Scotland fully realising the massive renewable resource around its coastline and ending our reliance on dirty coal and nuclear power.

“On its own, this first phase could unlock enough electricity to serve the needs of three million homes and put Scotland well on track toward its ambition to de-carbonise its energy supply.

“When energy efficiency is combined with the full range of green energy technologies a 100 per cent renewable future for Scotland is well with our reach.

“With careful planning we can harness Scotland’s marine energy while safeguarding the nation’s tremendous marine environment.”



[1] The Scottish Government today published its Plan for Offshore Wind development in Scotland’s seas.

The plan identifies:

* Six areas for development of offshore wind up to 2020, with a potential to deliver almost five Gigawatts of electricity generation capacity;

* 25 areas for further exploration beyond 2020, to harness the additional capacity from Scotland’s considerable offshore wind resource;

* Three previously proposed sites have not been included in the plan based on their environmental and economic impacts.

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