Media Release: Kirk debates the ethics of the WorldWideWeb at the Assembly

THE Church and Society Council have continued to be the voice of the Church of Scotland in a wide range of issues since last year’s General Assembly.

With a broad remit one of those topics the subject of a report to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland looked at today was the ethical and moral challenges of the internet.

Its convenor, Ian Galloway, said: “In the past decade, the internet has become a continual presence the lives of most people living in the UK. It has entered our home and work. We use it for everything, from booking holidays to entertainment.

“The internet is not just the Worldwide Web but rather a universe of connectedness that has shaped our lives.  It can be used for good or ill. For example, social networking sites can be a force for the good and be used as a means of mobilising a movement and bringing about social change. Networking sites, such as Facebook, was effectively used by Barack Obama in his presidential election campaign. More recently, Twitter played a crucial role in the spread of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

“But while networking sites can be used for good the report highlights how they can be used as tools of exploitation and cyber-bullying. They can be used to mutually reinforce the values of small, marginal and prejudiced or socially unacceptable groups. We need a proper debate out the ethics of the internet.”

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