Media Release: Homeless children in South Lanarkshire support each other with launch of new booklet

ONE year on from the success of Shelter Scotland Support Service South Lanarkshire’s ‘What is a Home’ DVD project, other families facing similar issues are set to benefit from a new support booklet.

Launched by Shelter Scotland to offer support to children dealing with homelessness, the booklet uses the words and drawings of children who have experienced homelessness in the past in a bid to reassure other children who are facing similar issues now.

Sharing views of what makes a good home, the children say: “No one bullies or hits you, it’s clean with the right amount of rooms and cosy…being listened to by the police, no gangs…and no one smashes your windows.

“There is another thing that makes a good home – the people that are in it.”

Speaking about moving to a new home, the children claim getting their own room, a garden and being able to decorate their new home are aspects they look forward to.

Staff from the local Shelter Scotland project – which has been running for ten years, helping over 1,000 children and 600 families during that time – want to raise the plight of homelessness, and help children across South Lanarkshire. The booklet is funded by South Lanarkshire Council’s Integrated Children’s Services Locality Challenge Fund.

Linda Dickson, Shelter Scotland’s South Lanarkshire services manager, said:

“Homelessness can have a devastating effect on children’s lives. We hope that this booklet will go some way to alleviate the sadness, anxiety and distress experienced by young people dealing with homelessness.

“Being homeless can be detrimental to a child’s education and often leads to other damaging experiences such as being bullied. Beside the upheaval of losing their homes, bedrooms, pets and having their toys packed up, they may be forced to move out of their local area, change schools and make new friends. We are here to help and ensure that they are given the best opportunities to thrive.”

The booklet, as well as help and advice on housing and homelessness issues, is available from Shelter Scotland’s South Lanarkshire service 0344 515 2500.


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