Media Release: Paralegals invited to join Registered Paralegal Scheme

ANY paralegal interested joining the ranks of Scotland’s new registered paralegals can do so from this month.

Stage three of the scheme goes live on 15 August 2011, after which applicants can enroll as a trainee registered paralegal for a year under the Law Society of Scotland’s Registered Paralegal Scheme.

The scheme, set up by the Society in association with the Scottish Paralegal Association, has been praised by many among the Scottish legal profession for setting new, high standards which credit qualified and experienced paralegals.

It also benefits employers of qualified and experienced paralegals and for those looking to recruit new members of staff, as well as assurance for members of the public seeking legal services.

Denise Robertson, from the Law Society of Scotland, said: “There has been an excellent response to the scheme so far from both solicitors and paralegals, with almost 200 registered paralegals from firms and organisations across Scotland already signed up.

“Until now, only those paralegals who were already qualified and highly experienced could apply to join under the first stages of the scheme but we are now at the stage where the scheme will be open to anyone working as a paralegal.

“Applicants will require a formally recognised and assessed qualification relevant to the work they will be doing as a trainee registered paralegal. They will then spend 12 months working under a supervising solicitor in delivering legal advice to clients and must meet the standards and competencies set by the scheme prior to entry.”

Douglas Russell, convener of the Registered Paralegal standing committee, said: “I’m delighted that so many paralegals have chosen to become Law Society of Scotland registered paralegals with the support of their employers.

“The scheme not only offers paralegals a better career structure and ensures development in their role, their employer solicitors’ benefit from knowing the paralegals they employ meet the standards prescribed by the scheme, which in turn builds client confidence.”

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03 August 2011

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