Media Release: Media invite to Victim Support Scotland guest lecture on new rights for victims and witnesses of crime

ALL media are invited to attend the VSS Guest Lecture in the Town House, Aberdeen from 1pm on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

The keynote speaker is Professor David Barclay, one of the world’s leading forensic scientists who will address the issue of how ‘cold cases’ continue the suffering of victims of crime and their families.

Professor Barclay profile:

A senior lecturer at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and an honorary Professor at the University of Hull, he is also on the Advisory Board of the International Homicide Investigators Association, an organisation funded by the US Government.

A practising forensic scientist accredited by the UK Home Office as an authorised analyst from 1972, and from 1996 until he retired in 2005 was head of Physical Evidence at the National Crime and Operations Faculty (NCOF).

NCOF is an UK-wide organisation funded by the Police to provide expertise and operational support in the most complex crimes of violence such as rape series, stranger murders and the murders of children or vulnerable adults.

During his NCOF duties he reviewed approximately 235 undetected murders or murder series in the UK and worldwide.

Reviewed cases at the request of the authorities in the USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Portugal, South Africa and many in Australia including the Claremont series of murders and the proven Miscarriage of Justice known as the ‘Andrew Mallard case’ (murder of Pamela Lawrence, Perth 1994).

Published and lectured extensively worldwide on these subjects, and given keynote lectures at more than 15 investigative, scientific or education conferences. Was the scientific advisor to the 2005 UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Forensic Science.

Was involved as a scientific advisor or front of camera in a large number of science programmes (TV and radio) and in several investigative documentaries about high-profile cases.

Apart from his post at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, he provided consultancy services to UK police forces and defence solicitors in the assessment of physical evidence in context, with currentcases including an undetected murder from the UK, and defence cases from Australia, the USA and the UK.

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