Media Release: Life and Work – January 2012 edition


CELEBRATING this anniversary milestone of the Church of Scotland Guild, Life and Work looks back at the illustrious history of the organisation, which has played an active role in the life of the Church for a century and a quarter, raising millions of pounds for good causes.

Looking ahead to the future, the general secretary of the Church of Scotland Guild, Iain Whyte writes: “The Guild has always recognised that to stand still is to go backwards. ‘We’ve aye done it this way’ has no place in our thinking. We may stand on the shoulders of giants, but we must also find our own route and not be afraid to dream our own dreams.

“The Guild has always thrived by being the Guild for its time and by keeping its motto at the heart of its work, ‘Whose we are and Whom we Serve’, as we continue to express our faith through worship, prayer and action.”


The Very Rev Dr James Simpson looks at some of the distinguished contributions made by manse children to the church and public life.

Highlighting the impact of just a few sons and daughters of the manse, he writes: “Television was invented by a minister’s son, John Logie Baird. Lord Reith, the first Director of the BBC and David Frost were also brought up in manses. So too was Tom Fleming, the distinguished actor and BBC commentator on royal occasions, and the BBC presenter Sheena Macdonald. David Tennant the former Dr Who and acclaimed Shakespearean actor, is also the son of a clergyman, as was Laurence Olivier. Both of these fine actors played Romeo and Hamlet with great distinction at Stratford.”


Jackie Macadam meets Dr Hannah Hodge, a paediatrician working in Wishaw, who had worked for a Christian charity in India and planned a long-term life making life better for women and children there until she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2001. As she recovered, she found solace in art and has put together an exhibition ‘Beyond the Big C’ which charts her journey.

“I experience God through the artworks…. He’s very much a part of me. Putting on this exhibition is a real part of the process enabling me to go beyond having had cancer; to stop the cancer defining me, even though it has completely changed the direction of my life,” she explains.


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8 December 2011

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