Media Release: 2012 will bring more demand for parcel delivery, says ParcelsPlease

CHRISTMAS has long gone, but recent figures from the parcel delivery industry have revealed that December 2011 was a very good month, with reports indicating that a number of positive growth factors, such as an increase in the number of international parcels being delivered to countries such as Australia, Greece and France, could lead to better results for the parcel industry.

A spokesperson for ParcelsPlease explains: “Obviously Christmas is our busiest time of the year, so it’s not a big surprise to see that the parcel delivery industry did so well last month.

However, what’s really interesting is the growth in interest in posting parcels around the world, with official figures stating that there was a 31 per cent increase in the number of parcels being sent from the UK to Australia, an 21 per cent increase in parcels being sent to Greece and a 19 per cent increase in parcels to France.

In addition to these latest industry figures, its also been revealed by IBM that online retail in the UK, which relies on parcel delivery companies, also experienced an increase in orders over the Christmas period – with 15 per cent of all visits on retail sites coming from a mobile device such as a smartphone. This marks a 169 per cent increase from December 2010, and the number of purchases made on online shops via smartphones also increased – by an incredible 186.5 per cent.

The spokesperson for ParcelsPlease continues: “These figures are a really positive indicator for the next year, and when they are compared to 2010, they are even more impressive. We believe that cheap parcel deliveryservices are the backbone to the ECommerce industry, and while these numbers are great, we believe that with the increasing popularity of online shopping and smartphones, that the online industry will get a lot more orders this year, and as a result, delivery companies like ParcelsPlease will see a dramatic increase in the amount of parcels that they need to deliver.”

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