Media Release: Digging behind complex job titles

DO you have what it takes to be a new media guru or sustainability advocate, or would you be put off applying by the title?

Job seekers are being encouraged to dig deeper before assuming they won’t fit the bill for vacancies.

“Candidates need to look beyond the title for the role,” said, Anne Cousins, a manager for recruitment agency, Hudson.

To help job seekers during 2012, Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work has advice on how to carry out a thorough search so people don’t overlook suitable roles.

For instance, web managers often come from an editorial or marketing background as well as those with web developing experience.

Job titles change all the time as industries and society changes and develops.

A century ago, those who rounded up debtors and tossed them in to prison were called ‘catchpoles’ meaning, chicken-chasers and in the past physicians were known as ‘sawbones’.

The change in job titles can also depend on the recruiting industry.

Some are short on certain skills and this leads employers to look for candidates from other sectors that have transferable skills.

Bosses are prepared to be flexible as they are looking for the best person for the post, regardless of their current sector or job title.

Dr. Patrick Watt, head of Evaluation and Research at SDS, said: “Sometimes, what a job entails is not apparent from the job title.

“My World of Work helps people seeking a job or a new challenge, to look behind the job title to see if they have the necessary skills and experiences for the role.

“It will help people find the current opportunity for which they are best-suited.”

My World of Work provides further advice such as ensuring your online job search covers key words in the job description and not just those included in the title.

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