Media Release: Easter eggstravaganza at Our Dynamic Earth

EASTER  is set to be ‘eggstra’ special at Edinburgh’s five star attraction, Our Dynamic Earth, with the launch of two stunning new 360-degree dome films and a range of indoor and outdoor activities suitable for the whole family.

Weather – good or bad – is always a hot topic, but is earth’s weather really the most extreme?

One of the new films, ‘Wildest Weather in the Solar System’, suggests not and takes viewers on a dramatic journey around the planets to experience everything from methane rain, dust storms as high as Mount Everest, and even diamonds raining on Neptune!

The other full dome projection, ‘Natural Selection’, tells the spectacularly beautiful story of the young Charles Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle, circumnavigating the globe and unlocking the theory of evolution.

Both films launch on 30th March and are must-see cinematic experiences, unique in Scotland, that give viewers the sensation of movement and 3D without actually moving or wearing 3D glasses.

From Saturday 31st  March to Wednesday 11th  April, a series of interactive events are planned that will bring science to life.

The events, organised in conjunction with the Edinburgh Science Festival, range from workshops and exhibitions, most of which are free with a Dynamic Earth ticket, to walking tours of Salisbury Crags.

Brand new for 2012 is ‘In the Footsteps of Giants’, following Scotland’s own time lord and the father of geology, James Hutton, and how the rocks of Salisbury Crags defined his vision of how the world was built.

The programme includes a screening of Rock Opera, a short film combining music and animation to explain the story.

Tickets are £10 for adults and £4 for children, with booking in advance recommended for five shows between 1st and 6th April.

Workshops include ‘Snowball Earth’, running every day, and looking at how life on earth survived the big freeze and, over the Easter weekend, ‘Solar System Rocks’, where participants hunt for real meteorites in a desert and explore a simulated Martian landscape with a remote-controlled rover.

The Best of Scottish Science exhibition is a celebration of Scotland’s most exciting scientific advances – from invisibility cloaks to stem cells – runs from 1st – 4th April and allows visitors to question the scientists behind the discoveries.

Commenting on the Easter programme, Eilidh Massie, marketing manager of Dynamic Earth, said: “The technology behind full dome projection has reached new heights and we expect audiences to be blown away by our new films.

“Both are permanent installations that will screen at different times throughout the day to give people the best chance to catch them. Add the films to a packed Easter programme, and there is no doubt that there is always something new to discover at Dynamic Earth!”

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