Media Release: Celebrating the Scottish hospitality industry – the ninth annual Scottish Hotel Awards

THE ninth annual Scottish Hotel Awards will be presented at the 2012 Awards Night Party to be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow, one of Scotland’s largest venues.

Hotel awards are essential to the hospitality industry as a way to set standards and encourage hotels and members of staff to excel.

The hospitality industry is responsible for every country’s first impression; more than providing food, accommodation and entertainment to visitors, members of the hospitality industry carry the responsibility of representing the country where they work from.

Bar tenders, waitresses, receptionists, housekeepers, events managers, chefs, kitchen staff, marketing teams and general managers, they are every country’s internal diplomatic corps.

Encouraging hotels and hotel staff to do better means encouraging the country’s tourism industry too; a friendly hospitality industry attracts more tourists and encourages locals to travel more.

Events such as the ninth annual Scottish Hotel Awards give members of the industry the opportunity to get together, socialise and exchange experiences and ideas.

The interaction between hotels and members of staff tighten the network and bring a sense of familiarity, when competition isn’t seen as a threat but as source of inspiration and ideas, the industry as a whole moves forward.

More than just an awards party, the event is a breeding ground for talents. It drives industry workers to network and find their place in the industry.

Members of the industry are able to watch fellow hospitality workers grow year by year and find more suitable positions for their skills and professional goals.

Every award ceremony carries within itself the hope for recognition, when the industry recognises and encourages talent, it nurtures economic growth.

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