Media Release: ParcelsPlease launches new ‘imports’ service


PARCELSPLEASE, a logistic supermarket specialising in pallets, freight, and third and fourth party logistics, has launched a new ‘imports’ service that makes it even easier for their customers to send parcels.

ParcelsPlease recently announced the arrival of their ‘imports’ service, which enables customers to collect parcels in Europe or further afield, and have them delivered to the UK.

Much like other ParcelsPlease delivery services, the new imports service offers ParcelPlease’s customers a variety of valuable benefits.

Thanks to this new service, customers can now track their parcels through every step of the delivery process, and they can also utilise the company’s new website feature, ‘Time in Transit’.

Customers can, of course, choose the right shipping option for them based on their time frame and other requirements such as cost.

Once they’ve placed their order, they’ll be told roughly when to check the ParcelsPlease website to not only track their parcel’s progress, but also view what time was delivered to its destination.

Finally, customers can also easily arrange with ParcelsPlease to have an alternative person greet and collect their parcels if need be, and ParcelsPlease will automatically send out some of their customer parcel labels to the individual at the collection address, which makes the whole process so much easier for the person that matters: the customer.

Alongside their new imports service, their existing and highly efficient parcel services, and their reliable mail delivery across the globe – ParcelsPlease have managed to maintain their incredible eco-friendly status, having achieved carbon neutral footprint certification from the prominent Global Trees organisation.

Consolidated Carriers Ltd, the owner of ParcelsPlease were the first UK logistics company to be awarded a carbon neutral footprint, so customers can send their parcels and packages guilt-free, feeling safe in the knowledge that ParcelsPlease are working hard to ensure that their business doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment.

As well as the new ‘imports’ service, and the existing delivery services. the company also offers its customers some of the most competitive online quotes for Next Day timed deliveries, European Parcel Deliveries, and International Air Parcel services.

About Parcels Please:

ParcelsPlease is the online trading name of Consolidated Carriers Ltd, known as CCL, which offers reliable mail delivery in the UK, Europe and worldwide.  CCL – a complete logistics supermarket – has been operating in the logistics industry since 1999, and has moved over 6 million parcels to date.

Booking deliveries with ParcelsPlease and CCL means dealing with a company that knows the logistics industry inside out, and which shares contracts with the world’s most reliable and competitive parcel carriers.

ParcelsPlease and CCL value everything from quality to responsibility, making up the first logistics company in the UK to achieve a carbon neutral footprint.

For more information about CCL, please visit our corporate website


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Tel: 01292 310410

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