Media Release: HSPC takes ‘greener’ option for property review

HSPC Property Review

HIGHLAND Solicitors Property Centre is taking a further significant step as it aims to improve its environmental performance.

With up to 17,000 copies of the HSPC Property Review printed 25 times a year, the HSPC has been looking at ways to save paper and energy in its production.

After examining a number of options, the HSPC board has taken the decision to move the publication onto a lighter weight of paper. Future issues will be printed on 52 gramme paper, rather than the current 75 gramme.

Sarah Woodcock, manager of HSPC, explains the reasons for the change: “With the large print runs we undertake, the change in paper weight will make a very substantial difference in saving paper and also the energy used in its production.

“In making the decision to change, however, we had to be confident that the Property Review would retain the quality needed for a property publication.

“This is not our first initiative to improve our environmental performance and it certainly will not be the last. We started many years ago with a decision to recycle all our paper waste. Looking to the immediate future, we are in the early stages of a plan that will improve the environmental performance of the property centre itself.

“It is particularly appropriate for organisations, like HSPC, who operate in the Highlands to give priority to environmental considerations.

“After all, one of the great strengths of our region, is the quality of our natural environment. That makes it even more important that we should lead efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.”

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