Media Release: Outside Line creates Simple Pleasures campaign for Apples from New Zealand


CREATIVE digital agency, Outside Line, has launched a social media campaign for Apples from NZ to boost consumer awareness of the product and raise the brand’s profile in the UK market.

Created to breathe life into the brand’s mission to promote life’s simple pleasures, the multi award-winning agency has produced a campaign which seamlessly marries innovative social media engagement with offline ‘real life’ communication.

Designed to deliver increased consumer awareness of Apples from New Zealand, the strategy will also nurture more direct interaction between the brand and its clients.

“Having recently launched in the UK, we wanted to make people aware of the brand and encourage consumers to engage with us, get to know our values and really embrace our product,” said Ralph Walker, marketing director at Apples from NZ.

“Outside Line immediately understood both the ethos which drives our company and the brief we provided, while the team consistently shows an in-depth knowledge of the market and media platforms in which they operate. We’re very pleased with how the campaign has been received and look forward to maintaining this early success in the coming months.”

Launched earlier this month to coincide with Apples from New Zealand’s introduction to the UK market, the experiential marketing and social media campaign is proving popular among the campaign’s target audience, serving to build an active online community around the brand on Facebook.

Inspired by the ethos of the Apples from NZ brand – which exhorts consumers to value the simple pleasures of life, Outside Line designed a visionary campaign which reaches out to consumers across the Facebook platform by celebrating the underrated but much-loved act of sending and receiving post cards.

The campaign seamlessly blends the two forms of social engagement to deliver an inventive and emotive consumer experience with the brand which blurs the boundaries between real life and virtual interaction.

Incentivised by the prize of a trip to New Zealand, users are encouraged to send a postcard to a friend in the UK by entering details on the Facebook hub. The multi-user journey continues when the friend receives a postcard to their home. The user journey is completed by ‘liking’ the brand and entering the competition on the Apples from NZ Facebook page.

Lloyd Salmons, one of the founders of Outside Line, stated: “Tasked with raising the profile of Apples from NZ in such a highly competitive market, we believe we have created a campaign which absolutely reaches out to target consumers. Recognising the potentially emotive impact of the ‘Simple Pleasures’ motto, the team created a highly effective strategy focused on the joy of receiving an unexpected postcard.

“Evoking powerful feelings of nostalgia and friendship – we all love to receive a postcard, yet few of us actually receive one very often – we believe we’ve successfully integrated a traditional form of communication with social media in a strategy that should deliver the client’s message right to the heart of their target audience.”

The campaign by London-based agency Outside Line for Apples from NZ can be viewed at

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