Media Release: ePetition to improve support for victims of crime in EU


VICTIM Support Europe has launched an ePetition as part of a campaign to strengthen the rights of victims of crime in all European Union Member States.

Says a spokesperson: “The petition is aimed at ensuring that the contents of a draft EU Directive are not weakened in negotiations prior to formal approval of the Directive, which is expected in March or April of 2012.

“While some Member States have victim support services the level of treatment varies widely.

“The intention is to ensure that a victim of crime, irrespective of which country the offence occurs in, can expect minimum standards of treatment and a coordinated approach to dealing with the issues involved.

“The UK Government has already opted-in to the draft Directive but there are fears that behind-the-scenes negotiations will weaken the content of the draft.”

David Sinclair, head of Communications for Victim Support Scotland, whose chief executive, David McKenna, is also president of Victim Support Europe, said it was vital that the voices of the people of Europe were heard by politicians of all persuasions in the run-up to the crucial vote.

He added: “This is a wonderful opportunity to hugely advance the treatment of victims of crime across Europe.

“To achieve our aim we have to ensure that officaldom recognises the crucial need for these services and that the Directive does not become less meaninglful because of drafting changes introduced prior to the voting day.”

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