Media Release: Mitsubishi to unveil potentially game-changing offshore wind turbine


MITSUBISHI Power Systems Europe (MPSE) is to unveil the blueprint of their game changing offshore wind turbine, which could be the world’s largest when manufactured.

The SeaAngel™ turbine – featuring unique hydraulic technology developed in Scotland – will have a minimum generating capacity of 7MW and a rotor diameter of over 165 metres.

The outline architecture of the turbine will be unveiled at the EWEA Offshore Wind conference in Amsterdam next week.

Initial prototype testing will begin next year, with full-scale prototype testing expected to take place in the UK in 2013.

MPSE last year (December 2010) announced an investment of up to £100m in Scotland over five years, including the acquisition of Artemis Intelligent Power (AIP) and plans to establish the MPSE Centre for Advanced Technology (MCAT).

Teams of experts in the UK, continental Europe and Japan are now deploying AIP’s unique hydraulic Digital Displacement ® Transmission (DDT) in an offshore wind turbine, with the aim of delivering a ‘game changing’ product that offers improved reliability and efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

MPSE chief executive officer, Akio Fukui, said: “The successful development of SeaAngel™ – which will be unique in both size and technology – will play an important role in helping to maintain and enhance the UK’s preeminent global position in the offshore wind sector.”

Dr Win Rampen, managing director of AIP, said: “This marks a significant step forward for offshore wind technology, with the breadth and depth of MHI expertise and skills combined with AIP’s pioneering hydraulic technology producing incredibly exciting initial results.

“Less than one year after announcing our plans to develop biggest highly innovative offshore turbine, we’ve successfully demonstrated the technology and are set to take SeaAngel™ to the next level with further testing in 2012.”


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Notes for editors:

About Artemis

Artemis is a venture company established in 1994 and specialising in hydraulic system development.

The company owns hydraulic power transmission technology that realizes high reliability and superior cost-effectiveness.

Artemis also holds many patents and trademarks in the field in the UK and other countries, including for its core technology of high-capacity, computer-controlled, high-speed solenoid valves.

The company is undertaking various technology development programs, including with support from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), The Carbon Trust, and The Technology Strategy Board.

About MPSE

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been involved with the research and development of wind energy since 1980, starting with an experimental 40kw turbine and developing up to a 2.4MW turbine. This onshore experience together with MHI’s knowledge of shipbuilding, large steel structures, aerospace  and materials is now being built upon as MPSE develops its game-changing >7MW offshore turbine.

As the daughter company of MHI, MPSE is part of one of the world’s most innovative, successful, and responsible engineering businesses. MPSE is tasked with driving forward MHI’s power business in the region with a range of low-carbon energy generation and storage technologies, from advanced thermal power systems such as the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbine (J-Series) to wind turbine generators and batteries and fuel cells. MHI is also a market leader in both pre and post combustion carbon capture and storage technology (CCS).

MPSE is headquartered in London with offices across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

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