Media Release: Right to redress for PiP victims goes way beyond a refund

PiP implant solicitors

SOLICITOR for the Scottish PiP victims and partner at Thompsons Solicitors, Patrick McGuire, welcomed a recent report of a bank’s decision to offer a refund to a woman who paid for her PiP implants operation on her credit card, but said that women’s rights to redress go way beyond a refund.

He urged victims not to miss out on the thousands in compensation they could be owed.

Partner at Thompsons Solicitors and solicitor for the victims, Patrick McGuire, said that the victims’ rights to compensation extended way beyond a refund for the initial operation. He urged women to find out their full legal rights so as not to miss out on the thousands of pounds of compensation they could be owed.

He said: “This development is good news for the campaign and reinforces what we’ve said all along; that these implants should be classed as faulty goods. However, it’s essential for those affected to remember that they are entitled to so much more than just a refund for their initial operation.

“The refund for the initial operation is only one part of the legal jigsaw. If someone was to be refunded for their initial operation through their credit card they would also have the right to claim compensation for costs like scans, any lost earnings due to the removal or replacement operation as well as pain and suffering caused by the scandal.

“It is important that women do not miss out on the thousands in compensation, on top of a refund, that they could be owed for what they’ve been through because of this scandal.

“They can call our free advice line on 0800 081 29 24 to find out the full range of legal rights they have.”

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