Media Release: French Duncan adopts poetic approach to credit control


THE continuing challenges of the economic environment mean that late payment remains a pressing issue for many businesses.

Begins a spokesperson: “Indeed, you might say that it’s a problem that’s going from bad to verse. That’s because Marion Fletcher, office manager at leading mid-tier accountancy practice, French Duncan, has adopted a novel, poetic approach to encourage slow payers to settle their bills.

“Rather than firing off a threatening letter, Marion instead turns to verse.”

Here is her most recent effort:

Hello Mr Mac, yes it’s me once again

Time to get out your cheque book and pen

This fee’s been outstanding for half of the year

To leave it much longer would bring me to tears

Without your compliance my future looks dreary

And my constant reminders must make you grow weary

No pressure – a cheque by tomorrow will do

Or my days here in credit will be reduced to a few.

And, perhaps remarkably, it worked! A cheque was received for the full outstanding payment the following day.


Issued on behalf of French Duncan by Liquorice Media tel 0141 561 4018

Date 24th April 2012.

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