Media Release: Tarpon welcomes new research on the hiring of temporary workers


UK umbrella company, Tarpon, wish to spread the word about the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), which provides temporary workers the same benefits as permanent staff members after they have been contracted for over 12 weeks.

Ever since the introduction of the AWR, over a year ago, there was wide-ranging speculation that it could significantly impact the hiring of umbrella company contractors and other temporary workers here in the UK.

However, according to new research, the AWR has had very little impact on the hiring of umbrella company contractors.

Says the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, “only four per cent of employers reported that they had reduced their use of agency workers in direct response to the Agency Workers Regulations”.

A spokesperson from umbrella company, Tarpon, comments:

“The research was drawn from two years of on-going monitoring of both the perception and impact of the AWR regulations, and therefore I believe it shows a clear and legible impact the AWR has had within the temporary jobs market.

“The legislation is a major step forward for all temporary workers and its great to see employers not changing their employment habits because of the legislation.”

Further findings from the research also revealed that only one in ten employers had either stopped or significantly reduced their use of temporary workers, from the launch date October 2011, until April 2012.

Twenty-eight per cent of the employers who confirmed they had reduced their hiring of temporary workers said it was down to economic uncertainty and weak growth, and not because of the AWR.

Other positives from the research included the upwards trend of employers reporting satisfaction with their temporary workers, which has risen from 43 per cent to 52 per cent. What’s more, employer satisfaction with staffing agencies currently sits at 92 per cent.

“As a company, we are proud to offer 100 per cent protection against any employment law and tax challenges, and we believe that the worry over the impact of AWR is no longer a major issue,” commented the spokesperson.

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